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Due to significant delays caused by the CCB staff, my ability to work has been impacted, and my bond was suspended on February 16, 2024. To address the financial loss incurred as a result, I am imposing a fine of $100 per day on the CCB. It has been 11 days since my CCB License was  suspended. Now CCB owns me $1,100 for financial loss incurred as a result. As of today, Feb 27, 2024 my CCB License is Active!

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My bond was suspended on February 16, 2024, due to the significant delays within the CCB staff. Despite submitting my rider for the $5,000 increment on January 1, 2024, their disorganization and backlog led to the suspension of my license. It's unjust that I'm penalized for their failure to input the provided information promptly. This isn't an isolated incident; their tardiness in updating my Certificate for Liability Insurance has previously resulted in warning letters threatening suspension. Each day my license is suspended I'm losing money.

"The surety- cap specialty- did a blanket rider increasing all their bonds by $5,000 to comply with the states new limits set Jan 1st. They should have a copy of that rider on file as it applied to over 1,000 bonds filed with the state."

If your Surety Bond company happens to be "Platte River Insurance Company," there's a possibility that your CCB License could face suspension. This occurs due to the failure of the CCB staff to input your updated information, yet they unjustly place blame on the contractor. It's imperative that the CCB Staff and Management take responsibility for their oversights rather than unfairly attributing fault to the contractor.

The Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) is in dire need of a comprehensive overhaul.

The Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) should be accountable for their actions.

Since 2009, I've faced ongoing issues with the CCB, starting with my initial attempt to take the CCB License test. I requested reasonable accommodations for my minor reading disabilities, simply asking for extra time to complete the test. Despite providing documentation, I was told it was outdated. This struggle traces back to my early schooling years. After a month of searching for legal assistance, I reached out to the Governor's office. Fortunately, about a week later, I was granted the test for free, saving me $75, and the $600 fine for advertising locksmith services on my website was waived. Over time, the CCB's delays in updating contractor license information have led to contractors like me having our licenses suspended due to their faults. It feels unjust for us CCB license holders. Since February 16th, 2024, I've been diligently emailing Governor Tina Kotek and CCB Staff regarding my suspended license. The previous Governor seemed more supportive than the current one. On my new website, I've compiled all the emails in PDF format for public viewing. I'm still searching for additional documents on another computer. I'm committed to advocating for changes within the CCB over time because someone needs to address these issues.

I acquired ownership of this domain on May 22, 2023, subsequent to receiving a cautionary notice regarding my Certificate of Liability Insurance, which had been submitted to the CCB Office 25 days prior to the deadline.

I launched this website on February 2, 2024, due to the circumstances outlined on this page. I am frustrated and have reached my limit with the CCB. Revisions are imperative for the Oregon Construction Contractors Board.

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